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Coming up on the stage:

ON THE STAGE:   ● November 9th at 19.00 hrs and 10th at 18 hrs

Stephen Sinclair & Anthony McCarten Ladies' night(comedy)


.   Last 2hrs 30 mins.


Directed by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn,


Set and costumes Alla Fedoryshyna




The ultimate night out and not only for the girls! The story of four unemployed guys, motivated by ‘The Chippendales’ to form a male stripping act, in order to make some fast cash. They pitch the notion to a local club owner and take lessons from a slightly shop-worn, dance instructor with a heart-of-gold in all manner of things, including what women really want from a male stripper (and how to deliver it). Written in 1987, by Anthony McCarten and Stephen Sinclair, Ladies Night has been translated into twelve languages. WARNING: THIS SHOW IS RATED ADULTS ONLY (AO)


Tickets: 100hrv., concessionary* 70 hrv.




Wes  Volodymir Chukhonkin,

Gavin Oleksandr Chekmarov / Volodymir Geljas,

Barry Taras Yurychko,

Craig Volodymir Gubanov,

Graham Petro Mykytiuk,

Norman Lis Nazar,

Bernie IuriY Philipchuk

Glenda Liudmila Petrulenkova.





* Students and senior citizens with valid cards











 STREET SHOWS:  For booking info : +48 12 262 24 23 +48 601097695  e-mail: teatr@voskresinnia.eu

June 10th 2018 Kalisz, La Strada






On 27th April 2014 has been the canonization of Bl. Pope John Paul II. Our repertoire is an intimate stage show "Job" with old orthodox church singing  . It is a choral story made on the basis of "Job" (1940) by Karol Wojtyla. Author described the play as "a Greek tragedy in  linear form, but Christian in spirit", dedicated to the suffering. At present we perform  a outdoor  show without words with the same title as well. Job was performed including Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, and Egypt and Poland. These performances our theater pays homage to the greatest Job  of our time ...

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The play tells the story of the rituals and customs which accompany the mankind from its beginning. Theatre Voskresinnia shows what an important role in the life of a man fulfills a fire. Actors - creators of the universe, by the sounds of artisticly played live percussion music, become a wedding procession, merry troupe of dancers and jugglers to be suddenly transformed into knights of Revelation who are making an annihilation.
The viewer follows the accompanying human situations: birth, fun, joy, harmony. But they also are experiencing some images coming from an apocalyptic visions of human destruction. The finale, of the show gives a hope for the ultimate triumph of Good. The aesthetics of the show refers to the Ukrainian folklore. The stunts are dancing to the music of Ukrainian Eurovision winner Ruslana.The show uses a lot of fire and pyroeffects.
For all audience.It lasts 50 minutes


Major festivals in which we presented a spectacle: International Street Theatre Festival "Street 24" in Krakow, Slovak Art Festival in Košice (Slovakia), Street Theatre Festival and Open-Air FETA in Gdansk, Festival "White Tower" in Brest (Belarus), Theatre Festival for Experimental Theatre


in Cairo (Egypt), Fadjr International Theatre Festival in Tehran (Iran), Internationales Linzer Straßenkunstfestival in Linz (Austria), the International Street Theatre Festival in Jelenia Gora, Central Europe Theatre Festival "The Neighbours" in Lublin, Street Theatre Festival "La Strada" in Kalisz, Zamość Summer Theatre in Zamosc , Festival Theatre in Tbilisi (Georgia).


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The most famous and popular spectacle of our theatre. The show tackles the subject of passing, the inevitable loss of love, affection and longing. Director with warm lyricism and serene irony with mastery builds a Cherry Orchard .The viewer follows the humorous adventures of the characters , reflecting on their future and crying over their fate. The performance was accomplished by conventional ways of expression for the Lviv Theatre Voskresinnia : recoiling vehicles , pyrotechnics , acrobatic performances and stilts walkers . With masterful manipulation of the image , scenery and intriguing advantages the high art of acting , the work has gained a new dimension . Presented in Ukraine, Poland, Russia , Slovakia, Slovenia , Belarus, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy , South Korea, Belgium, Croatia . It won the Grand Prix of the International Theatre Festival in Brest (Belarus ) , and was awarded by the jury at the International Theatre Festival " Voices of History " in Vologda (Russia). The duration of the show 60 minutes



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 This outdoor show of "Job" is based on a poem by Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II. It is not  true and complete transfer
 of a theatrical performance from the stage to the street only. Voskresinnia with his usual panache reaches for a huge ladder , recoiling vehicles , fire and pyrotechnics . With an intimate show in the hall, moving and touching story remains only - here enriched with impressive set design elements and transformed into a great spectacle. Here, too, the idea of presentation affects the relationship between God and man - based lineary when God gives and God takes . For the nineteenth - century French novelist Gustave Flaubert biblical "Book of Job" named the most beautiful poem in the world. Earlier moved firmly Voltaire and Byron. In a similar tone of his grief to God wrote  Jan Kochanowski in threnodies . Contemporary French writer and philosopher Francoise Chirpaz in his interpretation of this work gave subtitle poem of hope , because he thinks that book ever makes " stop on the precipice of despair. Performance lasts 60 minutes



Iphigenia (opening evening) March 4th 2017 FOTO by Anastasia Kanarska(flickr)

15th of October, The Seagull open air show was presented in Ostrołeka (Poland) on the InQbator Theatre Festival.


Christmas Theatre performances. From 2 to 5 and 7 January in the courtyard of the Town Hall Theatre "Voskresinnia" showed an unforgettable theatrical fire installation "When the angels descend on the earth." Therefore, during these days of attraction visited by more than 3.5 thousand Lviv and guests.
5th of October, on Saturday  the street parade of the International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion on the Street" has been walked through Prospect Svobody.  Lviv Center, for three days turned in a  theatre stage. It is estimated that more than a dozens of thousands  spectators watched the festival performances.
May 11, 2013, at the invitation Tarnogórskie Cultural Centre - the Festival MAKATY - Ukraine we  presented the outdoor performance of "The Cherry Orchard".
Tarnowskie Gory 24: "The weather was kind to actors Lviv Academic Theatre Voskresinnia and spectators gathered in Tarnowskie Góry City Park. During the hours of the show  "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov did not fall or drop of rain. Very well, because they created a spectacle was fascinating theatre . "2013-05-12 G.B.