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The show choir "Job," realized in our theater, as it proclaimed by critics and audiences the real mystery of suffering. Mastery of depth discourse of Karol Wojtyla has been enriched by  music composed by Miron Dacko. The show was presented at festivals in Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Egypt, Poland and Ukraine.  This time we were invited to  Jasielskie Theatre Meetings in Jaslo (Poland). Job   will be presented it in the Center of Culture on October 25th .

  Opening evening of the performance “Tom, Dick, Harry” by Ray and Michael Cooney were being held in our theatre on the 10th of December 2011. Starring Wołodymir Gubanov, Wołodymir Chukhonkin and taras Yurychko. Directed by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn. Please be welcome! 2nd of October, on Sunday,  ended with the International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion on the Street". Lviv Center, for three days turned in a huge theater stage. It is estimated that more than a dozens of thousands  spectators watched the festival performances. see the pics.
Lviv establishes close cooperation with Kharkiv. On the 17th of September nearly 2 thousands of Kharkiv spectators saw our street performance “Gloria”, played on the central square of the city.  The show was an unforgettable contribution to the celebration of Lviv  days in Kharkiv.   From 30th of September  till 2nd of October  in Lviv, we organized the International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion in the Streets - 2011". Theatre performances of compa-nies from Czech, Poland, Hungary, Russia and Ukraine have been seeing on the Lvi'v Rynok sq. and the square at the Lviv Opera House. The program to download Excellent memories we bring with the La Strada Festival in Bremen (Germany). The several thousand audience applauded  of our actors, who have successfully on  19th and 20th of August 2011performed  the fate of the heroes of Orchard on main square of the Hoff in Bremen. The German audience rewarded our artists the endless applause.

On 26th and 27th of August 2011 "The Cherry Orchard", for the first time, we showed in Holland. The  audience of Spoffiin Festival crowds filled squeare of Hof in Ammersfoort and watched with interest a chara-cters of Anton Chekhov masterpie-ce.  After the  performance our team was rewarded with warm applause

  On August 16th 2011 we played "The Cherry Orchard" in the Dülmener Sommer festival. The show was very warmly welcomed by 800 people gathered in the stands near the town hall. Also reviews in German newspapers were full of flattering terms of our performance, "fantastic, spectacular, exquisite, extraordinary". Duelmen, Thank you!

On 2nd July in Ljubljana and July 4th 2011in  Maribor,  there were showed two performances of "The Cherry Orchard" - outdoor shows achieved by A. Chekhov. The play was shown on the greatest capital of Slovenia square and was attended by several thousands of  enthusiastic audience . In Maribor  our actors received equally warmly welcoming.

."The Merry inn" spectacle, directed and screenplay written by Oleksandr Levit, was shown on  June 17th 2011 at the VI East European Theatre Festival "The Neighbours "in Lublin (Poland). The jury awarded the prize to our spectacle Pearl of festival  "The Neighbours" for her outstanding mastery of the performance team.

  June 9th at the Fourth Street Theatre Festival "Under Heaven" in Siedlce (Poland) we have been showing the outdoor spectacle "To meet Prospero"  performed by the script based on Shakespeare's dramas: "The Tempest"  "Midsummer Night's Dream, "Romeo and Juliet" and "Hamlet". This show had been presented in Piaseczno  on the "Piaseczenskie Teatralia" and in Garwolin (Poland) on 10th. and 11th.  of June 2011.

On May 21st 2011 at the Festival Theatre "InQbator street vol.2" in Ostroleka (Poland) there was showed outdoor performance based on Chekhov's masterpiece "The Cherry Orchard ". This performance  has won awards: Grand Prix in Brest (Belarus) and the Jury competition in Vologda (Russia)

On May 2nd . the day after the beatification's ceremony  of John Paul II, at the invitation of the Mayor of the Mielec City Mr Janusz  Khodorkovsky  we have been staging the performance of ‘Job’ based on ‘Hiob’ by Karol Wojtyla in Mielec Culture Center. 

  Standing ovation in the "Merry Inn". On the 12th of March 2011 in the theatre “Voskresinnia” took place the premiere of the performance “The Merry Inn” by famous Jewish writer Sholom  Aleihem. The audience was impressed by its acting skills and magic atmos-phere of the Jewish life of the late XIX - beg. XX century

Between 11th - 14th of April 2011 Voskresinnia has been hosted in Drohobych. The invitation of Mayor of the City welcome us to Drama and Music theatre. We successfully presented  our the  most popular shows: “Ladies”  The Broken Heart” and The Merry Inn”. All performances were adopted  truly well , and the audience rewarded  the actors long term standing ovations.

Voskresinnia won the hearts of the Iranian public. Between 15 - 20 of February 2011 , in Tehran on 29th FADJR Theatre Festival,  we played "Gloria" This open air show,  was enthusias-tically received by viewers. Several hundred spectators being at every performance rewarded with applause our actors playing at the square of Vahdat Hall in Tehran. (pics.)

  On December 2st 2010 we have celebrated 20.th Anniversary of establishing Voskresinnia Theatre. During the meeting with the members  and our Friends the Mayor of City of Lviv Mr Andriy Sadowiy had been congratulating  to the team of Voskresinnia theatre.

January 9th we participated  9. once in the final concert of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Artists  repeatedly presented themselves before the audience arrived a few thousand people on the Rzeszów Market. The performance was possible thanks to cooperation with Polish TV.

Following the decision of the international jury we were invited to the main program of the European Open Street Showcase in the Italian Fermo.16th of October the theatre presented at Campo dei Tigli in Montegranaro "The Cherry Orchard " open street show.

  Between  1st - 7th of October 2010 was held in Lviv the Jubilee International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion 2010". Program (pdf) to download.

October 26th, 2010 at the New Theatre named after Kazimierz Dejmek in Lodz (Poland) at the Fifth International Festival of Twin Cities we played an intimate performance of "Sandbox" by Michal  Walczak, Show is directed by  YaroslavFedoryshyn

Our outdoor play To meet Prospero ’ has been shown during the VIII International Shakespeare Festival in Erewan (Armenia) on the 24th of Septem-ber. Based on the renowned masterpieces:'The Tempest', 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Summer Night’s Dream' and Hamlet'  this is we successfully converted to street theatre.

  The Cherry Orchard we presented both outdoor and indoor performances during 15. International theatre festival "White Tower: in Brest (Byelorussia) on  17 and18 of September. Yaroslav Fedoryshyn was awarded by Jury for synthesis open air and stage art of drama

On 6th of November 2010 at the Theatre in Lubin (Poland)  Festival  Autumn 2010 , we have been staging the performance of ‘Job’ based on ‘Hiob’ by Karol Wojtyla. 


more important theatre festivals Voskresinnia has appeared

  1991 International Theatre Festival Wroclaw (Poland)
  1992 Serbian Theatre Festivals (Yugoslavia)
  1994 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland)
  1997 International Theatre Festival in Krakow (Poland)
  1999 Daugavpils festival (Latvia), Festivals in Lubliana and Maribor (Slovakia) 
  2000 International Theatre Festival La Strada (Kalish) Poland
  2001 Kishiniev Theatre Festival (Moldova), The Rzeszow Theatre Encounters, Rzeszow, (Poland)
  2002 Micro Festival in Dortmund (Germany),
  2003 Theatre  Festival in Chisinau, Moldova, International StreetTheatre Festival in Jedlina Zdroj (Poland)
  2004 Detmold Strassen Theatre Festival (Germany)
  2005 Cairo International  Festival for Experimental Theatres (Egypt), Strassen theatre Festival in Holzminden (Germany)
  2006 Festival Kontakt (Mogyliov, Byelorussia), International theatre Festival in Linz (Austria), Open air  theatre Festival Feta in Gdansk (Poland)  

International theatre Festival in Kosice (Slovakia) , International Theatre Festival Black Sea Countries in Trabzon (Turkey), International Theatre Festival for Middle East  Countries The Neighbors  in Lublin (Poland)


International Theatre Festival Moscow - city of the world (Russia),  Arkhangelsk Theatre Festival (Russia), International Theatre Festival in Gweacheon (South Korea),


Polish Classic Opole Theatre Confrontations (Opole) , International theatre festivals in Valladolid and Salamanca (Spain), Festival for Middle East  Countries The Neighbors  in Lublin (Poland), Zamojskie Theatre Summer in Zamosc (Poland), Street Art Festival Warsaw (Poland), "Behind door"  Outdoor  Theatre Festival in Prague (Czech Republic), Cairo International  Festival for Experimental Theatres (Egypt).


International Theatre Festival Krakow (Poland) , International Street Theatre Festival Jelenia Góra (Poland), Cairo International Theatre Festival for Experimental Theatre (Egypt), International Theatre Festival "White Tower" Brest (Byelorussia), Shakespeare Theatre Festival Erevan (Armenia), International Theatre Festival "Voices of History" Vologda (Russia), Chekhov International Theatre Festival "Melihovska Spring" Serpuhov (Russia), Open Street Fermo - Montegranaro (Italy).

  2011 29. FADJR International Theatre Festival in Tehran (Iran), VI East European Theatre Festival "The Neighbours "in Lublin (Poland), 14th International street festival ANA DESETNICA 2011 in  Lublana and Maribor (Slovenia), International Festival of Dance "Ladeckie Ballet Summer" in Lądek Zdroj (Poland), International Theatre Festival "Ulica24" in Krakow (Poland), Dülmener Sommer festival in Duelmen (Germany), La Strada Festival in Bremen (Germany), Spoffiin Festival in Ammersfoort (Holland), International Theatre Festival "White Tower" in Brest (Byelorussia).
  2012 14th Teatromania International Festival in Bytom (Poland) The international open air theatre festival "Leuven in Scène" in Leuven  (Belgium).;  International Street Theatre Festival Jelenia Góra (Poland),Malopolska Karpaty Offer. International Multimedia Art Festival in Nowy Sacz (Poland), Festival VIATHEA in Goerlitz (Germany)

XII Tarnogorsie tapestries _ Genaeaologies Ukraine in tarnowskei Góry (Poland); Street Art Festival Warsaw (Poland); International Theatre Festival SAKUD in Pula (Croatia); International Street Theatre Festival in Minsk Mazowiecki  (Poland), International Street Theatre Festival Jelenia Góra (Poland),  International Theatre Festival "White Tower" Brest (Byelorussia), International Festival of Dance "Ladeckie Ballet Summer" in Lądek Zdroj (Poland), Summer of muses of all kinds in Zielona Gora (Poland),