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JOB based on Karol Wojtyla's "Hiob"

Script and directed by              Yaroslav Fedoryshyn                      Set and costumes                         Alla Fedoryshyna , music composed by Miron Datsko

Cast: : , Tatiana Tkachenko, Natalia Marchak, Petro Mykytiuk, Woldymir Gubanov, Yaroslav Fedoryshyn / Wolodymir Chuchonkin, Evgenij Pietrov, Nazar Lis, Jurij Philipchuk.


The open air show 'Job'   is produced on masterpiece written by Karol Wojtyła (better known as the Pope, John Paul II) in 1940, shortly after his personal experiences of World War II beginning in September 1939. In the script there is obvious reference to the biblical origin of the world and the man, taken directly form the Old Testament. The idea of performance touches relation between God and man as a linear dependency when God gives and takes. It builds trust in God's justice and generosity and also in a prize for the belief even in the most horrible suffering. Performance delights with plastic form, polyphonic singing, dynamic choreography and unique scenography and costumes. The spectacular character of performance helps the actors to express the invariability of human nature and divine faithfulness of promise for the final prize.

Time of duration 60 min




The piercing "Job" from Lviv Theatre Voskresinnia shown in Opole Market, inaugurated on Thursday XXXIV Opole Theatre Confrontations - Polish Classics.Lviv's show is in the form of an ascetic, but very eloquent and moving. A symbolic set design, actors on stilts, gesture, movement, live fire and poignant singing orthodox build a unique atmosphere.Nowa Trybuna Opolska 17.04.2008

Job's confrontation  beginning.
XXXIV Opole Theatre Confrontations "Polish Classics" began Thursday evening, April 16
outside the competition show called "Job" issued by the Lviv Theatre Voskresinnia. The performance was so strange about that took place in Opole market, which could attract the audience not necessarily interested in theatre. Also a form of play could be much more relaxed than that of the  theatre viewer has to deal with every day.
(...) The impression of doing in this case could very suggestive words spoken by the
lector (...) and music, also very suited to the climate of the show, once a purely ethnic, other times as a drawing of a longer strictly folktronic compositions, abstract, or experimental But skillfully woven into the art itself, well it corresponds to and sensuous colored it. Should also be proud of lighting effects, regardless of whether they were flares, and sparklers, flares, or "burning glasses". It seemed that the cold, gusty wind was at times an ally of the Ukrainians of the evening, which has positively impacted the reception of the whole. Piotr Hamedinger, Dziennik Teatralny Katowice  April 18,

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fot. Piotr Kubic