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.Мichal Walczak Sand-box(translated by Yarosław Fedoryshyn)

Direction and music preparation by      Yaroslav Fedoryshyn.  Set and costumes  Alla Fedoryshyna 


He - Andriy Dushnyi / Volodymyr Chukhonkin / Taras Yurychko

 She -  Mariya Kovalyk / Nataliya Lukashonok / Halyna Strychak


«Sand-box» is the first play of Michal Walczak, who is one of the most popular young playwrights in Poland.Two young people meet each other and try to find a consensus between each other during all the play, because there is nothing in the world more important than love. «Sand-box» impresses by its universality and substantiality, although describes a concrete story about two young people. The idea of the play refers to people of all ages and of any country. The play describes things, which are the most important in our lives: how to understand another person, how to reach a compromise and a harmony in the relationship between man and woman, between people from different society and culture. It tells about the meeting of man and woman and also about a place of man in the whole world, about difficulties in expressing our feelings and finally about the need in love, which every person.


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The sand-box is the whole world. Enchanting, by the way. You can see the sky, and the sun, hear the wind touching faces. “The Sand-box” directed by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn is a performance full of atmosphere and good poetry. It is drawn with a fine line, sensitive and clear. In “The Sand-box”, just like on a painter’s canvass, the warm tissue covers sensual passion with a tinge of rapacity and brutality. Playing in the sand-box appears to be infants pastime. But when He treads on She’s dolls, the audience get a queasy feeling, they know they are in the world of grown-up, very grown-up people…
Andrzej Piatek, “Nowiny”

“The Sand-box” fascinates with its universality and message. It touches upon what is most important in life: how to understand another, how to achieve harmony and fullness in relationships, in relationships between a man and woman, between people coming from different environments, sometimes different cultures. It speaks about the meeting between a man and a woman and also about overcoming barriers and prejudices, about the place of a human being in the world, about the difficulties in expressing emotions and the need for love which is rooted in us, regardless of age of geographical location in which we live.
Yaroslav Fedoryshyn